Frequently Asked Questions
What are the invitations and how do they work?

The mechanism of invitations is designed to allow multiple users of one plant to access it via APP without having to purchase more premium subscriptions.
Think for example to companies or shops, which should allow your staff to interact with the plant without forcing to purchase subscriptions not being the owners of the system.

In these cases, the owner of the plant buys the Premium subscription and through the detail page of the plant provides invitations to family/co-workers for a limited number of devices to prevent them having to pay themselves for access to the system.

The number of invitations that can be created depends on the number of devices authorized to access and how many actually use it.
You can always see the number of devices available for the creation of an invitation to entering into the details of your plant from the myAVSAlarm management portal, and purchase options for additional devices or remove devices no longer in use to make space for new invites.

It should be noted that the invitations NOT have any access to the administration portal.