Version 1.0 of 17/03/2014

These General Conditions of Contract, govern the terms and conditions of supply by Falcom Software Srl and use by the user, of the service "myAVSAlarm" (hereinafter "service" ) after reading and full acceptance by the user’s of this Agreement. Access to and use of each service performed with any compatible device, it assumes the full knowledge and full acceptance by the user.

Your use of this service is subject to the purchase of a compatible control panel AVS Electronics.

1. Definitions

The Parties note that the meaning attributed to the definitions contained in the Agreement are as follows:

§ Client : the software used on the mobile device of the User to access the functionality provided by the server "myAVSAlarm";

§ Contract : the General Conditions of Contract, in its entirety;

§ Parts : indistinctly you and Falcom Software Srl;

§ User/s : user of the service myAVSAlarm.

2. Description of Service

Falcom Software Srl, at the express request from AVS Electronics S.p.A., makes available to users who have purchased a central alarm AVS Electronics, an proprietary infrastructure accessible to all compatible devices, and after installation of the myAVSAlarm App, in order to allow the control and monitoring of burglar alarm installed.

The user of the service "myAVSAlarm" acknowledges and accepts that their personal data, and any data necessary for the provision of the service, will be used for the purposes outlined above.

The User acknowledges and agree to receive commercial communications from Falcom Software Srl or third parties, via email or through push notifications, during or downstream of the use of the service. The maximum number of commercial communications sent to the customer will be one (1) per day. The receipt by you of such commercial communications, end with the service termination for any event occurred.

3. Membership and revocation of Service

3.1 To join the service, you must have a device compatible with the standards and technologies of third generation (3G) and have installed the App myAVSAlarm of AVS Electronics S.p.A.

3.2 The use of service provided by Falcom Software Srl through "myAVSAlarm" is reserved exclusively for guests AVS Electronics, legal persons or natural persons of legal age upon registration to the site

Membership in the Service is not transferable to third parties. After notification by Falcom Software Srl, User access to the Service may be revoked, resulting in termination of this Agreement and deleting user data after a period of 6 months from the termination.

In no event Falcom Software Srl is responsible for the cancellation, loss, alteration, or destruction of information that was previously loaded by the user in order to take advantage of "myAVSAlarm". Falcom Software Srl also reserves the right to terminate your access to the Service User that at any time it becomes liable for violations of this Agreement or who has provided false personal information.

3.3 Falcom Software Srl reserves the right to alter, amend this Agreement, or any part thereof, at any time, by giving notice to the User by the appearance of a disclaimer at the time of use dell'App that will allow or not the User to accept them.

3.4 L'utente ha il diritto di interrompere il Servizio in qualsiasi momento senza penalità, attraverso il portale Gli utenti che hanno cessato il contratto possono richiedere una nuova registrazione. Tutte le informazioni caricato dall'utente che ha rescisso il contratto potrebbe essere rimosso senza alcuna responsabilità da parte di Falcom Software Srl.

4. Management and Use of Content

4.1 The Service provided by Falcom Software Srl through "myAVSAlarm" is targeted solely for personal use by Users. In no case is it allowed to Users exploitation of the service "myAVSAlarm" for purposes directly or indirectly commercial and/or advertising.

4.2 Users acknowledge that Falcom Software Srl is not obliged to verify the information uploaded, unless this is necessary to fulfill the law, to requests made by judicial or other competent authority, and does not operate any preventive control on the contents, not being subject to any general obligation to monitor and therefore can not in any way be held responsible for the nature and characteristics of the Content, or for any errors and/or omissions in the same, as well as severe for any direct and/or consequential Users themselves and/or to third parties from the use of such Content. Users, therefore, will be solely responsible for the information entered or transmitted by the Service, as well as the accuracy and truthfulness. Users agree to use the Service only for lawful purposes and permitted by law from time to time applicable, the uses and customs, rules of diligence and in any event, without prejudicing the rights of any third party.

4.3 Falcom Software Srl, for purposes related to the guarantee of continuity the Service, we reserve the right to keep backup copies of all Content uploaded by you. The data deleted by users will also be deleted from the backup copies as quickly as possible consistent with the time required for backup management. Falcom Software Srl will cancel the backup copies of the Content in any case of withdrawal of access to services and in cases where the contents are deleted by the user.

5. Price of the service offered to users

5.1 The costs of service activation "myAVSAlarm" are listed on the site The costs arising from the use of traffic data for accessing services through any mobile device shall be borne by the User.

5.2 The use by the User of optional services and/or additional features, free or paid, which may be provided by Falcom Software Srl, involves the acceptance of the terms of use and, where applicable, the payment methods available on our website

6. Security, Passwords and Privacy

6.1 Falcom Software Srl guarantees the users about alll'adozione the highest standards of security and protection of privacy and personal information of each member. However, it is imperative that Members should note that no computer system, although subject to more stringent control and equipped with the most advanced technologies in terms of safety , can be considered protected from infringement and/or unauthorized access by third parties.

For these reasons, Falcom Software Srl assumes no guarantee against the User against damage of any kind or nature , which the User may suffer as a result of the loss or violation of personal data carried out by thirds.

6.2 As to access to the Service, User is required to use a personal password, and is under the sole responsibility of the User the choice of the password to be used and its safe keeping. Constitutes a serious breach of this Agreement, legitimizing the interruption of the Service without notice, the disclosure of your password to any third party and/or the use of accounts and/or passwords belonging to other users. In the case of known or suspected breach of your account and/or password, the User is obligated to immediately report the incident to Falcom Software Srl through the appropriate service available on the website

6.3 Falcom Software Srl is not in any way responsible for the physical and material damage of any nature whatsoever arising from any malfunction of hardware or software device "Central Alarm" sold by AVS Electonics S.p.A or security breaches that could compromise.

7. Disputes, court and applicable law

7.1 This Agreement is governed by Italian law , regardless of nationality, residence and/or domicile of the User.

7.2 The exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute arising between the User and Falcom Software Srl concerning the interpretation, execution, valid, the effectiveness and termination of this Agreement, and in general all disputes arising of the rights available parties also compensatory in nature, will be the responsibility of the court of Treviso.

7.3 The User shall indemnify Falcom Software Srl and/or its affiliates from any type of expenses, including attorneys  fees and legal assistance in arbitration for disputes arising from the improper use of its services "myAVSAlarm" and/or for any breach of this agreement to establish against him.

8. Final Declaration of the User

I have read and understood this Agreement in its entirety, and to accept without any reservations. I am aware of the responsibilities associated with the violation of this Agreement and the consequences of such violations may entail.

In particular, the User declares to know and accept unconditionally the following articles and related: 2,3,4,5,6,7.