Frequently Asked Questions
Come impostare la centrale AVS completa di EWEB 485 per connettersi con l’APP?

To enable the control unit to communicate with the APP follow the procedure below:

* Navigate to the SETTINGS menu and Enable the network card App485/App485Wifi. The card is pre-configured to connect to the network via DHCP.
* For using the card in DHCP mode, set the DIP switches on the card as follows: DIP 1 = ON, DIP 2 = OFF.

If you intend to use a specific IP address, proceed as follows:
* Set the DIP switches as follows: DIP 1 = OFF, DIP 2 = ON.
* The personal computer has to be on the same network of the card to configure and have an IP like this: 192.168.1.X
* Open an Internet browser and type in in the address bar:
* On the Network tab, set the desired parameters
* On the Dynamic DNS tab, change the parameters only if you use the WEBSERVER
* On the AppManager tab, do not change the set parameters
* On the WiFi card, enter the details of your wifi network
* On the Credentials tab, enter Username and Password only if using the WEBSERVER