Frequently Asked Questions
How the subscription work and what are its limits?

The subscription to service myAVSAlarm service allow to holders of the AVS Electronics burglar alarm to access the system remotely via a smartphone.

To activate your subscription, simply subscribe to the service, following the procedures outlined on the home page of this website. The only entry, and subsequent registration of the AVS central allowing the activation of the service in Light mode.

This subscription, as shown on the description page of the service, allows you to control only some features of the central alarm.
To have full access you need to purchase a premium membership which provides for the payment of an annual fee.

The light subscription right of access to a single smartphone/tablet to the system, while the premium subscription gives you access two devices smartphone/tablet.

You can increase the number of devices that can connect to the system by purchasing additional options to the premium subscription.

If you are going to use a device other than the one previously used, you can "transfer" the subscription to a specific portal page, eliminating the old smartphone / tablet and performing in again with the new device.

To further enable access by APP to family, friends, or employees you can provide theirs credentials by creating the invitations.
These calls will not have any access to the administration portal but only to the functionality offered by the APP.