Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Dynamic DNS service?

Premium users were provided with the opportunity to use a Dynamic DNS service to allow quick access from the outside to any active services on your network ( Surveillance , Home Automation ... ) even when there are no connections Public Static IP Address .
In addition to this,the service allows you to associate a name to the system easy to remember instead of the IP.(for example, you must remember instead ).
This service,already present in many routers on the market comes to payment.
AVS Electronics offers the service FREE to the PREMIUM Subscriber
For premium subscribers fact it is enough to go in the personal area and access to the system on which you want to activate the service.
In the DNS section enable the option through the button and choose the name to use (default is proposed username) confirming with the Save button.

The service will be activated after a few hours.
Note: To allow however the accessibility of facilities from the outside is necessary that the router is properly configured.